The transformation to Kelvix™.

Inspired by our newest matrix of Kelvin offerings, dim-to-warm, and tunable white products, Kelvix™ is a simple, relevant name for us to grow with.

“How many inches of powder this morning?”

This was the question of the day when Seth and I were teenagers working in a ski-shop together.  We never imagined that two ski bums like us would work together at three different companies, ultimately joining up with Ken 25 years later to create Kelvix.  Life marches on and priorities change, but when the mountain has fresh powder you might see something like, “Board Meeting” spontaneously added to the work calendar.

Lighting Simplified.

Don’t know the best product choice for an application? Unsure what power supply to use?  Had installation problems in the past?  These are common industry challenges. You need a lighting solution for your project, not a confusing list of parts and pieces. Every member of our team is an expert in linear LED lighting systems, and is empowered to make your experience simple, pleasant, and efficient.

Happy employees make happy customers.

Whether it’s a soccer game, piano recital, birthday, or anniversary, we are a family-friendly organization that allows each individual to be the kind of parent, partner, and person that they strive to be. The result is a diverse group of independent thinkers that share the common goal of delivering a fantastic customer experience. My favorite part of each workday is hearing the office banter.  I love hearing our people poke fun at each other, or laughing on the phone with a customer.

We are lighting geeks. 

Sometimes we can be annoying companions as we look at the lighting everywhere we go.  This same curiosity however, drives us to be better.  “Can we go farther?”  “Can we make it brighter?”  “Can we make it smaller?”  We are always improving products and pushing the limits of current technology.  If you have a project that requires something special or strange, feel free to talk to us about it.  We may have something in the works already!


Thanks for visiting, and we appreciate the business.