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Product Description

Line Voltage SignWave™ 2 can be a great fit in certain applications where the flexibility of low-voltage is unnecessary. This product features single colors, mid light-levels, 19-inch cut segments, and long run lengths. Offering a wet-location listing, this product uses IP65 injection-molded power end feeds.


  • 50ft per power feed
  • Dimmable
  • Line Voltage
  • 50,000 hour life
  • Domed profile for large beam angle
  • UL-listed for indoor and outdoor use
  • IP65
  • Factory-installed power feed

Technical Specifications

Color/Kelvin Wavelength Wattage Power Feed Production Intervals
WHITE (Specify CCT) N/A 2W/ft Every 50ft 19.69” (500mm)
RED 620-630nm 2W/ft Every 50ft 19.69” (500mm)
GREEN 520-530nm 2W/ft Every 50ft 19.69” (500mm)
BLUE 465-475nm 2W/ft Every 50ft 19.69” (500mm)
AMBER 585-595nm 2W/ft Every 50ft 19.69” (500mm)
Series SW2 – Signwave™ Series-2
Input Voltage 120V AC
Lumens 80 lm/ft (White)
Max Run Length Unlimited, power every 50ft
Beam Angle 320°
Dimensions 0.438″(11.5mm) × 1.125″(26mm)
CRI 80+
Dimming Options PWM, Triac, 0-10V, DMX, Hi-lume
Temp Range -4°F (-20°C) to 95°F (35°C)
IP Rating IP65

Product Dimensions