Model Kelvin Lumens Rating
SE-27K-300-WR-24V 2700K 306 lm/ft IP66
SE-30K-300-WR-24V 3000K 323 lm/ft IP66
SE-35K-300-WR-24V 3500K 323 lm/ft IP66
SE-40K-300-WR-24V 4000K 340 lm/ft IP66
SE-50K-300-WR-24V 5000K 340 lm/ft IP66

Product Description

Side Emitting strips offer zero-glare for applications such as display cabinets, retail product displays, and jewelry cases. Aim the light source towards the product, and away from the viewer. When installed properly, you can’t tell where the light is coming from!

Product Features

  • Side Emitting Diode
  • Up to 3/4″ Bend Diameter
  • Dimmable
  • 5-year Warranty
  • 50,000 Hour Life
  • UL-listed for Indoor Use
  • 3M™ Industrial Adhesive Backing
  • For Use with 24V Power Supplies

Technical Specifications

Series SE—Side Emitting (Outdoor)
Input Voltage 24V DC / Constant Voltage
Watts per Foot 2.8W/ft @ Maximum Run Length
Beam Spread 120°
Max Run Length Unlimited, power every 20ft
Production Intervals 1.969″ (50mm)
Dimensions 0.413″ (10.5mm) × 0.165″ (4.2mm)
End Cap Dimensions 0.472″ (12mm) × 0.197″ (5mm)
CRI 90+
Diode 4020
Dimming Options PWM, Triac, 0-10V, DMX, Hi-lume
Temp Range -4°F (-20°C) to 113°F (45°C)

Total Wattage Used at Each Length

Product Dimensions

3/4″ Bend Diameter